Portrait courtesy of Edwina Hay.

Hello, my name is Ellen and I am an Asian-American woman. I'm a freelance photographer based in New York City. No, Qbertplaya (kyoo-bert-play-uh) isn't my actual last name. I'm like the little orange creature from the '80s video game who jumps around a lot.

My photos have appeared in numerous publications including The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalForbesThe AtlanticVarietyBillboardNew York MagazineVibeNMEThe Fader, GothamistDownbeatTheaterMania, and Vice.

You can find more examples of my recently published work here.

I picked up a camera due to my lifelong devotion to music. I found inspiration in concert photography and learned how to use a camera as a tool to capture the emotion and the energy of a specific moment.

I've shot performances in people's living rooms, on sidewalks in the streets of New York, DIY spaces and venues that hold a few hundred people, for 3-day festivals with multiple stages, and in places as large and legendary as Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden. I love challenging myself by shooting all genres of  music.

I also occasionally write reviews and have hosted a radio show, and have DJed at weddings, birthday parties, and festivals.

If you think you've seen me before at a concert, you probably have. 📷😀

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