L  I  N  K  S

- My review of Kelsey Lu at The Shed, 04.02.21 (first indoor concert of 2021!)

- My review of Lucy Dacus' LP, Home Video, written for Full Time Aesthetic.

BKC Relief Markt (some photos of mine on sale with a portion of the proceeds going to charity)

- My BLM project

- An interview with Dean Wareham, 01.09.19 (in which we discuss his recent collaborative LP with Chevel Sombre)

- Archives of my old radio show, Club Sandwich, on the now defunct Little Water Radio.


P H O T O   S E T S:


Where it all began:

Qbertplaya's Gigoblog (R.I.P., 2006-2015ish, my personal journal of shows I attended, before I really got into photography)

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